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What if you want something….different? For NASCAR, Formula One, or a custom business logo ?

Tredwear is now offering custom fonts, limited graphics, and truly eye-popping options. If it can be reproduced in rubber, we are open to the idea. Let your tires make a statement! Our Customs kits look great on low profile tires as well as off-road tires. Design something purely unique. Let us know what you have in mind and let our team of designers make it happen. We will send a proof before production so you will know exactly what they will look like. 

What can you imagine? Let us CREATE your DREAM TIRE!!

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Sizing Guide

We highly recommend measuring your tire before ordering. This is quick and easy(see picture below):
- just measure between the two manufacturing lines on the tires
- make sure the letters won’t go into the tread

Otherwise, if you want a quick reference we recommend the following: 

-       0.5"   (1,27cm)    Lettering up to       25         Profile Tires
-       0.75"  (1,9cm)     Lettering for          25-35    Profile Tires
-       1.0"    (2,54cm)   Lettering for          35-45    Profile Tires
-       1.3"    (3.3cm)     Lettering for          45+       Profile Tires



Custom Kits