8 x MICHELIN in Blue 0,75"(1,9cm)

8 x MICHELIN in Blue 0,75"(1,9cm)

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Product Description

MICHELIN Designer Series TredWear Tire Lettering Kit

- Perfect compliment to MICHELIN series tires

- The original and the best - TredWear is the World's Number 1 Real Raised Letter Permanent Tire Lettering

- Blue with blue logo

- Available in 0,75" (1,9cm) 

- Made in the USA

- Never fades or peels

- Lasts the life of the tyre

- Patented 

KIT INCLUDES THE DESIGN FOR 4 TIRES with adhesive, sandpaper , gloves and instructions.

Care Instructions:

DO NOT USE BLEACH. DO NOT USE TIRE DRESSING or TIRE WET on the material. These chemicals penetrate the rubber and break down the stain resisting qualities.

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Sizing Guide

We highly recommend measuring your tire before ordering. This is quick and easy(see picture below):
- just measure between the two manufacturing lines on the tires
- make sure the letters won’t go into the tread

Otherwise, if you want a quick reference we recommend the following: 

-       0.5"   (1,27cm)    Lettering up to       25         Profile Tires
-       0.75"  (1,9cm)     Lettering for          25-35    Profile Tires
-       1.0"    (2,54cm)   Lettering for          35-45    Profile Tires
-       1.3"    (3.3cm)     Lettering for          45+       Profile Tires



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